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Maximize Opportunities, Manage Emotions

At Union Street Financial, we find that investors can often be tempted to make rash decisions as they react to economic or political news or personal events.

That’s why it is our job to help you understand how money can get entangled with your fears and emotions, all while guiding you to stick to your long-term investment strategy.

When you work with Union Street Financial, you get much more than a traditional financial services offering. We’ve cultivated our skills and knowledge to give you greater value, access to distinct investment opportunities, and customized service and strategies.

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Investment Management​

We'll empower you to make investment decisions rooted in sound strategy and long-term goals. A disciplined process can help foster financial stability and unlock the true potential of your investments.

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Retirement Planning Solutions

Navigating the path to retirement requires a level-headed approach and strategic planning. By creating a clear and balanced plan, we'll help you make informed decisions that can guide you to a fulfilling retirement.

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Estate Planning​​

We'll approach your estate plan with a steady hand and analytical perspective. Together, we will help ensure the transition of assets and preservation of your legacy are executed seamlessly, building a lasting impact for future generations.

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Stock Options Planning​​

We specialize in stock options and equity compensation. Stock options can create a major liquidity event that transforms your financial life. You can leverage Dan Gannon’s years of experience with strategic stock options planning, tax implications, and strategies to best manage the irreversible decisions that must be made.

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Charitable Giving Strategies​​​​​

Using our sound and thoughtful approach, we'll guide you toward strategic charitable giving strategies that align with your values and seek to maximize your impact for the causes you hold dear.

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Risk Management​​​​​​

We'll coach you to make wise decisions that help protect your financial well-being in the face of uncertainty. Mitigating risks effectively helps ensure a stable foundation for your long-term financial objectives.

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Taxation Planning​​​​​

We'll empower you to make strategic decisions that help optimize your financial situation. Our disciplined mindset helps ensure efficient tax management and establishes a clear path toward financial stability.

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Education Funding​​​​​

Few financial decisions matter as much as making sound choices that can pave the way for your children's educational goals. We'll help you invest wisely in your next generation's financial future.

Connecting You to Your Goals

Your life and priorities determine the financial strategy that’s right for you. Take the next step and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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