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Guiding You With a Steady Hand

Union Street Financial believes managing your assets is the critical engine that powers the success of your financial plan.

That’s why we offer you hands-on management of your assets and sound financial guidance. This takes the burden off your shoulders while providing you with highly specialized investing services to help produce better outcomes.

Your financial future is influenced by your assets and the overall economy. But it’s also impacted by your goals, attitudes, and values. And, while there are some right answers for reducing tax expenditures or increasing returns, there are not necessarily right answers when it comes to values. However, by getting to know you and understanding your motivations, Union Street Financial can guide you to take the right action steps to identify and help pursue your goals. 

Wisdom Over Whims

As your private asset manager, we’ll use our skills, knowledge, and experience to help grow your wealth steadily over time rather than chasing short-term gains. In times of market uncertainty, we seek to provide stable returns, sound advice, and greater financial confidence.

Connecting You to Your Goals

Your life and priorities determine the financial strategy that’s right for you. Take the next step and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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